Domek Kata

Kołobrzeg • Old town • ul. Ratuszowa 1

It is believed that it dates from the 17th century. In the 18th century it could belong to the Ramler merchant family and later to Goelbergs-owners of a big house located on the market no. 236 (currently the Poviat Starosty).

After the sale of the estate by Goeblerg in 1817-1819 and moving to Szczecin (by the reason of disclosuring of his wife's romance with the Pruss ian officer) this building was owned by various craftspeople. During the Second World War II, it was destroyed. Only walls without peaks have survived. In 1958, it was rebuilt by the Provincial Conservator of Monuments. June 19, 1953, it was entered in the register of monuments of the Koszaliński Voivodeship under the heading 7 as the first of the Kołobrzeg’s monuments . This fact was related to the popularization of this object by some tourist activists as ‘the torture chamber and the seat of the court also known as the Scharfrichterei (Bodelei)

On the basis of dr. Hieronim Korczyński’s studies.